“Learn with us ATW”   Story Outline  

  Overview:  Six characters – three men and three women – are selected to participate in a ‘reality TV’ show         called six@sea. The show will be broadcast on WW-TV, channel 5.  “The Six” will have the chance to set out     from San Francisco, California, aboard a large yacht called “The Sea-ker”.  They can sail it  around the globe,     but they must meet challenges along the way – locating a rare shell…tasting an unusual local delicacy…           solving  a mystery, etc.  If they meet the challenges, and survive storms, sharks, and other travails – including     each  other, and various romantic entanglements - and return to their starting point within one year, they will       win the  boat, which has a value of half a million dollars.  Story elements will  include:  “Fly on the wall” views     of the  group’s life at sea;  live “web-cam” reports from the boat, broadcast on WW-TV; WW-TV’s own updates,   presented by a reporter; postcards and e-mails, and short “documentaries” about The Sea-ker’s ports of call.







The story’s six main characters, Reggie, Phil, Gary, Julie, Claire and Elizabeth – plus Marcia meet at Reggie’s house in San Francisco.






“The Six” continue to get to know each other at Reggie’s. They also meet Christopher, a policeman, and Anne Taylor Wright, a television reporter.  Occupations are discussed.






An old friend of Reggie’s arrives at his house and joins the group.  It’s Bill Gifford, with his wife, Linda, and their 16-year-old daughter, Tracy.






The Six and other contestants are being interviewed by the producer of the TV show, six@sea, Mr Bob Big, at WW-TV.  Marital status is an issue; Mr Big is looking for six single people to be on the program.






Contestants are waiting in an outer office, getting further acquainted.  Claire has eyes for Gary, but he is oblivious, having spotted Julie – who barely gives him the time of day.  Marcia, Phil’s girlfriend, is jealous of the beautiful and wealthy Elizabeth, but Phil reassures Marcia of his feelings for her.






Claire and Elizabeth exchange details at a local coffee shop.  Outside, Anne Taylor Wright presents a quick bulletin.  Gary and Julie arrive at the coffee shop.  Claire is happy to see Gary, but Gary is interested only in Julie.






Marcia gives away the fact that she and Phil are married.  Anne TW reports this news to Mr Big, who doesn’t particularly care – it’s his show and he’ll include whomever he likes.  Gary pursues Julie by phone, gaining nothing more than her e-mail address.






Elizabeth learns that Claire likes Gary, and reveals her age.  Anne TW overhears, and reports the news to Mr Big.  He isn’t particularly bothered, and interviews Claire – though the notes he has about her aren’t right.






After annoying her crew, Anne TW interviews Reggie and finds him to be quite a charmer.  Mr Big tells his ‘yes-men’ that Phil is on the show, in spite of being married.  In a ratings system publicized by Anne TW, Elizabeth is in the lead.






At Reggie’s our six main characters discover that they have been selected for the show.  Marcia, who will be staying behind, is dejected.  Elizabeth, a serious shopper, rushes out, mid-party, to buy a new dress for the adventure.  The party continues, with Phil trying to boost Marcia’s spirits.






Anne TW reviews who is going to be on the show, and where they will be going.  As the party continues, Claire talks to Gary, who still has eyes only for Julie.  Marcia is feeling better.  The winners go to WW-TV to thank Mr Big.  An accountant, Mr Small, dares to interrupt, inquiring about the price of the yacht, but he is sent packing.






Each of the shipmates envisions why he/she was chosen.  Anne TW finds out about various close relatives of some of the Six.  And the Six envision life on the boat, in rather idealized visions.






The Six-introduce themselves (review).  Reggie’s parents, wanting to surprise him, arrive in San Francisco.  And Simone Di Bello, an Italian businessman, arrives in the city and books a hotel room.






Reggie’s parents visit his new house for the first time.  They also meet his neighbors, Christopher and Sheila Davis.






Mr Big and his colleague Mr Small have a meeting.  Mr Big’s secretary, Ms Shields, tells him that she knows Elizabeth’s parents and that they are very rich.   Mr Big invites Elizabeth for a coffee.






Elizabeth meets a charming Italian businessman (known to her only as Simone), and has coffee with him.  As usual, she is running late.  But she calls her mother to tell her about Simone.






Gary tries to get a date with Julie, but she seems to be busy every day of the week.  Gary still has hope, even after learning she has a boyfriend back home in Australia.  Elizabeth dashes past, late as usual. Reggie, in his office, gets a call from Simone, and agrees to meet him . Claire gives Elizabeth a lesson in how to be on time.  Reggie and Simone meet. Simone sees a picture of Elizabeth on Reggie’s desk and learns her name, and that she has no boyfriend.






Marcia and Phil go to her parents’ place for coffee.  Afterwards, they talk about Phil’s departure.  Anne TW promotes the show, explaining its premise. Meanwhile, Julie is looking for information about visas, with no success.






Linda and Tracy shop for furniture.  Julie is back at the visa office, where she tracks down an elusive Mrs Fox.  The Six also turn up, in need of “world visas”.






At the coffee shop, Elizabeth tells Phil about Simone.  Suddenly, there he is, and she introduces the two men – who turn out to already know each other.  Mr Small, anxious about the cost of the sailboat, looks for Mr Big, but he is not in.  Anne TW tells Small that it’s all OK – Reggie Hamilton has a boat, and knows about boats…






Elizabeth and Claire are taking a walk and pass several shops – prompting a conversation about hobbies.  Meanwhile, at Gary’s apartment, Reggie is discovering that he and his soon-to-be  shipmate share very different tastes in music. Julie shows Marcia and Phil some slides of life back home in Australia. 






Phil and Claire chat at Phil’s place of work, “Chez Pierre” restaurant.  Claire confides a secret:  she can’t swim, and must take lessons – soon!  Back home, she makes a ‘things to do’ list, and phones her sister, Cher, for some help.  She gets an exciting message from Mr Big: the Six can come to see the boat tomorrow morning.  Claire arranges to pass the message along.  Anne TW gives a news update about how long the Six will be at sea – 12 months, one year – and reprises the show’s premise.






The Six meet at the boat and take a whirlwind tour, spotting some hard realities. They notice a strange man near the boat, watching…and no one seems to know who he is.  Reggie goes shopping for new shirts for the voyage.






WW-TV holds a swinging party for the Six to meet the press. Gary confides a secret, to a newspaper reporter:  he is a smoker, but the boat is to be a “No Smoking” vessel.  The mysterious stranger is spotted again.  Next morning, Gary reads that his secret is out – but has been attributed to the wrong person – Julie!  Simone, having read Elizabeth’s actual age, calls to reassure her that she is not old.






The Six and Anne Taylor Wright review the story so far. The Six are extremely busy, preparing for their voyage.  Cher rents her apartment to a friend of Elizabeth’s, Julie packs her bag, as does Gary – who has some new CDs to bring along. Reggie finds that Simone is the perfect person to tend his business during  his absence, though Simone must make a business trip to England soon.  Simone reserves and buys a ticket for a flight to London.






Reggie’s parents are heading home to New York City but have a rather bad time at the airport.  And the Six envision their hopes for the trip.






Simone takes his flight to London, meeting a lovely Polish lady en route, named Grazyna.  He has dinner with her in London.  Meanwhile, in San Francisco, the families of the Six gather to see them off. Mrs Big helps christen the boat.  Once at sea, the group discovers that Reggie has a secret: he hasn’t told his parents where he is going. Mr Big presents the Six with their first challenge:  sail to Mexico, and find a rare pink tequila worm. 






On the Sea-ker, en route to Mexico, the Six settle in.  There are a few problems in getting along – Elizabeth has an awful lot of things – and with the operation of the boat.  It sails itself – when the computer is working!  In San Francisco, Anne TW gets ready for her first assignment covering the trip  She is going to Mexico to see how the Six handle their first challenge.  But first she must say good-bye to her dazzlingly handsome, but needy, partner, Rex.






Simone is visiting London. Christopher Davis rents a car and explores New York City.  In San Francisco, Phil’s wife, Marcia, is miserable.  She is not sleeping but she is definitely eating, and eating, as she tells Phil via e-mail.






Anne TW has arrived in Mexico (dressed in scuba gear) to follow  the first challenge, which ends with relative ease when Phil discovers a pink tequila worm in an ice cube in his drink.  Strangely, the “mystery man” spotted on the San Francisco dock is lurking not far away, though the Six do not notice him.  Then, with the on-board computer down, Julie writes a letter home to Australia.  She is not too happy with one of the Six:  Elizabeth.






The Six get ready to leave Acapulco, buying food, changing money, mailing letters and having a raucous dinner out.  Julie and Elizabeth are watching TV on the on-board computer when a talkative parrot arrives on the Sea-ker.






Anne TW interviews the Six prior to their departure, finding out a bit about their  previous travels and impressions of places.  Back in San Francisco, Cher and her two naughty kids, Kim and Tim play Hide and Seek.  They need to visit a dentist, but Cher rewards them with a movie afterwards.






In New York, Christopher Davis is trying to find a newsstand but runs into an emergency – a crazy man on a ledge.  The Six have set sail and the friction grows.  Mr Big issues the next challenge:  go to Hawaii and learn to hula!






En route to Hawaii, Gary gives Claire a swimming lesson.  There’s a near miss with a shark.  Claire mentions that Julie’s brother is an actor.  (Hmmm…Julie’s “boyfriend” is an actor”  We’ll later discover that there is no boyfriend!)   Meanwhile, chatting with Reggie,  Julie is puzzled to find she’s actually a bit jealous of Gary’s time with Claire!?  And Phil asks Elizabeth about her own love life; how does she feel about Simone? Simone,  back home in San Francisco, tells his friend Franny Ferrari about his trip to London, and they discuss his love life.






Christopher recalls the lovely French woman he met in New York, Monique LaChaise, a charming and beautiful French doctor.  Also in San Francisco, Mr and Mrs Big go out to eat.  On the Sea-ker, the Six discuss some of their fears, and sports. 






Mr Hamilton reads aloud Reggie’s letter telling his parents where he is. (Mrs Hamilton faints).  Tracy Gifford and some friends are taking a train trip with their bicycles, and plenty of clothing.  (It’s a holiday from school.)  The kids pass, unnoticed, a rather ominous man on a public phone.  On the Sea-ker, Gary and Reggie try to tempt Elizabeth with chocolate. She distracts herself by thinking of her favorite pastime - shopping. 






On board, en route to Hawaii: the Six talk about their budget, provided by WW-TV, leading to a conversation about jobs they have held in the past. We discover that Julie was married, but now she’s divorced. Anne TW arrives in Hawaii (by outrigger canoe), bringing sugar and nicotine patches, from the States.   The Six have had a hard time:  computer problems, rain…and a report of whales.  The parrot is still on board. The hula challenge is set to happen soon.






Meanwhile, back in San Francisco:  E’s mother is in the hospital.  She is a terrible patient, giving the nurses a very hard time with her demands  – and it turns out she is only having a facelift. Back in Hawaii, some of the group discuss favorite holidays and seasons. Phil’s wife Marcia flies in for a visit.






Phil and Marcia recall their night of love  There’s a WW-TV news bulletin about an active volcano.  And Anne TW’s covers the group’s progress in learning to dance the hula, in lessons on Waikiki Beach.  Near the beach, the Mystery Man is spotted once again – this time getting out of a taxi, carrying a briefcase.  Having set sail westward, the group names the parrot La-Kiki – Kiki for short.  But a good day turns bad, with all but Gary having very strange drug trips – hallucinating, double vision, etc. The next day, Gary has the same experience. Why was Gary’s ‘bad trip’ a day later?  They realize he’s the only one who doesn’t use sugar.  It seems there were drugs in the sugar…AND in Gary’s freshly applied anti-smoking patch.  But where did they come from – who would want them to have (literally) a bad trip?






Rick Gifford, a teenager, gets into trouble with the police – and the Giffords have a hard time following direction to the police station.   Rick has been drinking.  The thug named Delroy McGann is seen leaving Sgucci dress shop after some big spending with a “babe” named Stella Star. The Six arrive in Japan, after a harrowing trip across the ocean.  Following their ‘bad trips’, they hit a terrible storm, which made a terrible mess. All is reviewed in an e-mail to Anne Taylor Wright.  The group also ask her whether she has any idea how the drugs came to be in the nicotine patches, and the sugar.  She e-mails a reply:  she has no idea.






Elizabeth writes to her parents about what happened on the boat.  The Giffords’ story continues, with Rick explaining why he got drunk. In Japan, Julie has been given a one-person challenge, this time:  to pass as a geisha, but the rest of the gang has gone out for Japanese food.






Grazyna pays a surprise visit to Simone.  He discovers she is obsessed with her weight (even more so than Elizabeth).  This attitude horrifies Simone., and he thinks of Elizabeth fondly. Grazyna is in California to present and promote a new diet drink, as we see at a press conference.  In an e-mail back home, Gary recounts the on-going friction between Julie and “Queen Elizabeth”.  Elizabeth has been given her own cabin. Finally, Anne TW arrives to report, making her entrance in the arms of a gigantic sumo wrestler.  






By phone, Anne TW and Rex have a terrible argument. Meanwhile, there are ongoing spats on the boat.  Claire wants to do a bit of a ‘roots’ thing in China…but the others are worried about side trips.  They left San Francisco several weeks ago, and need to hurry.  In China, the Sea-ker pulls into harbor.  The group begins a whirlwind tour of China, with a slow-poke of a guide. Mr Wong. In San Francisco, Christopher is pursuing Monique, with cocktails and dancing.






The China tour continues – slowly – with the Six making an effort to be polite.  In San Francisco, Cher Chung is interviewed for and  is offered a job in the office of a video company.  It won’t be exciting to start, but she dreams of job-related travel some day….






Most of the Six find themselves stuck in a hotel room, while the boat is repaired. On the local English TV station, the group see an ad for a new diet drink – Zlink - and a news item about the visit of President Will Vinton of the U.S.  Elizabeth goes shopping, but seems to be losing her enthusiasm for it. At last, the sun comes out, and the group attempt their challenge – helping to save rare, endangered pandas – accompanied by Anne and crew.  But they get hopelessly lost en route. Then the Six sail out from China – not knowing where they are headed yet.  Mr Big has told them to ‘just sail south’, for now.  It seems strange – and things get even stranger when the Six rescue a shipwreck victim.






The mysterious shipwreck victim, Sergei, is a Russian charmer – so charming the men wonder if he’s gay.  He seems to have been on a ferry…but he doesn’t remember what happened. The Six agree not to tell WW-TV about this., although they are worried about whether he is a spy or saboteur.  Kiki goes missing, and Elizabeth, to everyone’s great surprise, is quite upset. It’s agreed that they need to tell WW-TV about the loss of Kiki.  In San Francisco, Christopher and Monique are heavily involved. But each discovers the other is married.  Monique has quite a past – she has three ex-husbands.  Most worrying, her present husband is a lawyer. On TV,  Anne presents a WW-TV bulletin about the missing member of the Six@sea group.






Via web-cam, Cher tells Claire about her new job. Best of all, she might get to do some traveling for the videos! On the Sea-ker, the gang is preparing a surprise birthday party for Elizabeth.  ATW and Rex have made up – for now. Simone makes a sale, at Reggie’s vintage car business.






On the boat, Elizabeth’s big birthday (her 30th) arrives. She gets messages from relatives and Simone, and gifts from everyone.   Kiki returns, saying little about his whereabouts.  Julie has given Elizabeth a diary, and late at night she begins a rather introspective “autobiography”, writing secretly about her past, present and future.  What does she want out of life?






Mr Big reviews our story. He tells the Six to head for Australia, where they must win a camel race.  Claire blurts out the fact that Julie has no boyfriend in Australia, and Gary’s hopes for romance are rekindled – especially when Claire tells him what she thinks about him. Phil, Julie and Reggie compare notes on their mothers’ daily routines.






Cher is doing very well at her new job.  An office mate, discovering her talents, gets her to help him with a move.  She uses the Internet to scan the news and sees an alarming piece about an Australian snake.  Linda Gifford watches six@sea enviously, and throws herself into a re-decorating project. The Hamiltons have discovered that watching TV is not so bad! After the short documentary about Sydney, some of the group make plans:  Reggie plans to get a haircut and go to the opera.  Claire’s a bit worried about the local snakes.  And Elizabeth wants to visit a hair stylist.


DOCUMENTARY: “Around Australia” – Sydney.






Sergei writes a thank-you note to the Six. The Sea-ker docks in Sydney (Australia).  Sergei leaves.  Elizabeth and Reggie go to a hairdresser and barber.  At Julie’s parents’ home – a picnic, in Brisbane.  Some of the Six watch a car race.  Julie meets an attractive zoologist and is instantly smitten.






Anne TW sees a news item about the real Queen Elizabeth visiting Australia, then leaves for the airport and takes a flight from San Francisco to Australia. Her seat-mate is not a great traveling companion.  At Sydney airport, Anne reports her lost glasses to Lost and Found.






On a trip to the zoo, Julie continues to fall in love with Ted. In a Mini-Dialogue, Simone receives a ‘Dear John’ letter from Grazyna – and is not particularly upset about it.  The Smalls entertain Mr and Mrs Big.  Mr Big is interested in Mrs Small’s health club, when he hears it attracts lots of attractive women.






In San Francisco, Mr Big goes to the health club.  He fills out an application form, and meets Marcia.  The Six win the camel race, thanks to Elizabeth – and perhaps a little bit of help from Angelo Fixx.  Delroy McGann tells his unseen boss that a certain “they” haven’t found what is hidden on the boat. 


DOCUMENTARY: Australian Outback – ULURU National Park






The group recalls adventures in Australia:  a visit to an art museum, opera and rock concerts, and Julie and Reggie talk a bit about politics and issues - who is ‘for’ and who is ‘against’. Anne TW telephones Air Oz to complain about its service.






On the boat, some of the Six are bored enough to watch a kiddie show about farm animals – but then they find a World Cup soccer game to watch.  Monique’s husband discovers her affair with Christopher.






Mr Big has some aches and pains.  He tells his doctor about his trips to the gym, and his new sports car.  In a mini-dialogue:  Elizabeth writes in her diary, recalling Julie’s bravery in the Outback.  She muses about her future – maybe she should become an artist?  On the boat, Gary gets sad news:  his grandmother has died.  There will be a funeral, and his family will have a kind of party, at his cousin’s house.  His cousin has a sad life…he lost his job…he’s an alcoholic.  Soon after, an ominous looking boat appears on the horizon – it’s straight ahead.  Reggie spots two men, dressed in black.  What do they want? 






En route to India:  Reggie complains about Simone – he’s been selling cars, but too cheaply! Gary and Claire discover they live on the same road in San Francisco, and we learn that Gary is uncle to a niece and nephew. And  Christopher realizes he can’t afford Monique – plus he’s afraid of her lawyer husband!  He then joins some fellow cops for drinks at Joe’s Bar.  They talk about their work.


DOCUMENTARY: Wildlife in Africa.






At Cher’s office, a girl named Rita gets fired.  Marcia and Mr Big meet and go to a health food restaurant.  Marcia doesn’t realize the extent of Mr Big’s interest in her.  Mini-dialogue: Rex reads Anne’s diary about the show – she’s written about the bad drug trip they had.  Rex ponders the situation – he wouldn’t exactly mind if the show were stopped because the group got sick!






Franny and Simone go to a shopping mall. Meanwhile, Reggie and Julie deal with on-going problems on the boat – it seems they have a lot of problems.  The group is also running low on food.  Gary spots a new show on TV – “Seven on Safari” – which seems like a direct copy of six@sea!  And Elizabeth muses about earning some money.






Phil and Reggie argue about who has eaten what, and whether Phil has spent too much money on food. From India, Delroy McGann talks about drugs - to a person we can see only in shadowy profile.






In India, the Six must find a  certain cave.  Gary thinks he sees the familiar-looking man, in a crowd. The Hamiltons attend the wedding of her niece, Susie, to a young man named Evan.  Mrs Hamilton e-mails Reggie, telling him about the wedding.


DOCUMENTARY: “Everyday life in India, Part 3: Food and Clothing”






Elizabeth has taken a short-term job in an Indian dress shop.  She helps a client choose a sari.  Julie and Anne TW argue over a conflict of interest; Julie is trying to carry out a ‘shoot’ for Natural Geographic magazine but

 AnneTW gets in her way - and they have yet to find the cave.  When Claire intervenes, a tiger rushes toward her.  Gary rescues her and they end up in each other’s arms. Linda Gifford still has a love-hate relationship with six@sea, which she watches compulsively.






Events in India are recalled; Julie received a love letter from Ted.  Elizabeth and Reggie see the documentary about shopping, and recall shopping together.  Some of the Six recall the India challenge – finding the cave and reading the writing on the wall.  It was in hieroglyphics – which Kiki read for them! The message revealed their next destination: Egypt.


DOCUMENTARY: “Dollars and Cents” - Shopping






Elizabeth writes to her mother, in glowing terms.  Julie accuses her of covering up the truth. Arguing, Elizabeth loses her balance and falls overboard – and she can’t swim.  Phil saves her; Julie feels terrible. Cher is eager to move up in her job, and Kate is sending her on a business trip – to Egypt! Mrs Big shops for a wedding gift for her husband’s secretary. Lunching in the store, she is fussy about food ingredients, then spots not only a mouse but a rat.






Marcia reflects on her budding attraction to Mr Big.  Does she feel guilty about his wife?  No!  During another maintenance job, the Six discover a serious stash of drugs – a bag of cocaine.  Is someone trying to get them into trouble, or using the boat for drug-running?  They decide to keep it quiet for now; they’ll try to lure the culprit into revealing himself.  The talkative Kiki is not told of the plan, but they will hide the cocaine by disguising it as talcum powder.






A documentary introduces Egypt and the Pyramids.  On the boat, the group review the situation with the cocaine.  Reggie almost wishes they had thrown the drugs away.  It feels like they’re living in a bad movie – which leads them to talking about films.  There is relative peace between Julie and Elizabeth – for now.  Cher, having arrived in Cairo on her business trip, talks on the phone to Claire: what if the two twins were to switch places for a day, without telling anyone!


DOCUMENTARY: Egypt – Pyramids, Treasure of Tutan, Cairo Museum, The Nile etc.






In Cairo (Egypt), Reggie goes to the post office. The Six have received a postcard from Sergei, now in Moscow.  He tells them he is working – but can’t tell them what kind of work he does.  Gary thinks there is something strange about Claire but can’t quite put his finger on it. At WW-TV,  Rachel Wringer, a disgruntled rival to Anne TW, grumbles about her plight.  She longs for more money – and has some kind of plan to make more.  Anne TW is on a plane, revealing she is unexpectedly pregnant – due to another stunt on Rex’s part (he switched her birth control pills for sugar placebos, in another effort to get her to stay home).  She has very mixed feelings about expecting a baby.






In a Cairo market, Claire spots Mr Fixx.  On the boat, ‘Claire’ (actually Cher) still seems odd to Gary.  Kiki realizes Gary is falling in love with the real Claire.  Anne TW arrives and reveals Rex’s stunt;  the twins reveal their own trick.  Claire is back in time to spend a night in a Pyramid with Gary. Reggie and Phil bet about what will happen. By morning, Claire and Gary have met the challenge – and fallen in love.






As the Sea-ker heads for Europe, a Bedouin man wishes he could ‘buy’ Elizabeth! An ad features a deluxe French hotel, then a documentary shows famous European sights; Linda Gifford also watches. A video arrives at WW-TV - anonymous ‘hate mail’ about six@sea. The Six look ahead to Europe, and fantasize about living as millionaires.


DOCUMENTARY: Europe – Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, London Eye, Rome






Cher, back at home, e-mails Claire about the death of the family dog.  Mr Big and Marcia dine together. She tells him how she got into the beauty business, and they talk about her dreams for the future.  Bob is pursuing Marcia; she is worried about hurting Phil.






Elizabeth’s wealthy parents are planning a party.  The Bigs are invited. At the party, one guest pompously describes his business. Next morning, a hung-over Bob Big recalls the party.  He also sees a doctor, complaining of a sore throat and more.  Diagnosis: the flu.






Anne Taylor Wright   reviews the story so far.

The Six are in Greece. Gary and Claire, wanting some part-time work, sign on at a Greek bookshop – he as a computer consultant, she as a clerk.  After a bad run-in with some Greek cats, Kiki basks in the solitude of the Sea-ker and douses himself with bath powder – actually the hidden cocaine.  Reading Elizabeth’s diary, he realizes what happened.






Christopher Davis gets a promotion, from regular cop to narcotics detective.  He is congratulated by his in-laws and wife, and tells a younger cop about the rewards of learning.  Anne Taylor Wright arrives in Greece as the Six prepare to meet their next challenge:  dive to a shipwreck and find a statue of a (naked) Greek goddess!


DOCUMENTARY: Olympics – The first Olympics in Greece, Modern Summer and Winter Games.






Cher leaves Tim and Kim with a new babysitter, and the children do not behave well.  Tracy Gifford and her friends experience car trouble.  Mr Big receives a report from Angelo Fixx, who has spotted Delroy McGann watching the boat. 






Elizabeth is missing.  The group searches for her, and Reggie finds her and discovers she is upset because she has submitted some fashion designs to a New York company, only to be rejected. Reggie is rewarded with a warm embrace – and some warm words.  In a mini-dialogue, Reggie wonders whether Elizabeth is attracted to him.









Reggie envisions a sexy new image, but finds Elizabeth is not interested in him romantically.  In New York, his mother has a domestic disaster.  In San Francisco, Cher tries to get an office machine fixed but must first deal with an annoying voicemail system.  She also attends a meeting with a marketing consultant and admits to her boss that she is more interested in making TV shows than in video sales.






Kiki reveals he found the cocaine by accident.  Reggie tells him not to worry about it unduly.  Reggie and Gary recount some of their adventures to a local newspaper reporter.  Meanwhile, Anne Taylor Wright is ill, and in bed.  The Smalls attend a WW-TV office party in honor of the show’s excellent ratings.  At the party, Rachel Wringer seems oddly interested in Elizabeth’s wealthy parents.


DOCUMENTARY: Volcanoes and Earthquakes.






The Six enjoy Palermo, Italy; all but Phil visit the Greek temple at Agrigento.  The others discuss Italian history and the Italian way of life.  The group returns to the boat to find Phil and Kiki tied up, blindfolded and gagged, and the boat ransacked.  Someone was looking for the drugs, and left a warning – but Phil and Kiki did not see much.






Reggie talks to Kiki about getting some help with the drugs situation; he plans to get some expert advice.  Meanwhile, the others discuss the situation.  Julie snapped a shot of Angelo Fixx at the temples…is he involved? Anne Taylor Wright suffers a miscarriage.  Having lost the baby, she has mixed emotions.  She watches the news and a weather report delivered by Pam Raynor Bright and then the documentary.


DOCUMENTARY: “The world’s worst weather” – Hurricanes, Floods, Tornadoes.






Gary and Reggie discuss the next challenge, in which Reggie will have to sing opera like a professional.  Ted continues to keep in touch with Julie, but Marcia is not communicating much with Phil these days.  In a mini-dialogue, Mr Hamilton is packing to visit Reggie in Rome, along with his wife.  Claire and Gary see an ad for a range of six@sea products.






Anne Taylor Wright chats with the Mr Hamilton, who has arrived in Rome with his wife.  Reggie meets the Interpol agents who will help him with the drugs case.  They tell him the boat will be watched, while they launch their investigation.   






A documentary presents basics about Italian wine – a major export – and the wine-making process.  In Rome, the Six sightsee on motorscooters, and the Hamiltons get lost.  Reggie meets a famous diva, Luciana Bravarotti.


DOCUMENTARY: The Famous Wines of Italy.






Reggie faces disaster when his sore throat coincides with the opera challenge.  But he finds medicinal throat spray, just in time.  The only question is – where did it come from?  In a mini-dialogue, Reggie reads aloud an e-mail to Simone, telling him about Rome and inquiring about his business.  And, at a restaurant, Reggie tells the others about his meeting with the Interpol agents.  They are to leave a warning message for their unknown ‘guest’ – telling him to stay away while they decide what to do, having found the cocaine.






Anne Taylor Wright reviews the story to date.  Then the Six talk about kinds of books, and Julie and Phil discuss the woes of dating, including “blind dates”. After traveling to Barcelona, the group attends a bullfight, where Gary tackles the latest challenge, with some help from the unseen Angelo Fixx.  Afterward, in the chaos of the crowded streets, Julie suddenly disappears.






In Barcelona, the rest of the six search for Julie.  After some time, she arrives at the police station, having freed herself.  She is shaken but unharmed.  When she was seized, her camera snapped a photo of the culprit:  Delroy McGann.  Claire reads an e-mail from Cher about her job interview at WW-TV.


DOCUMENTARY: Pollution – Smog in the cities, noise pollution, garbage






In San Francisco, Christopher Davis is questioning Delroy McGann.  Has he been in Europe lately? With no evidence, Chris must let McGann go.  Moments later, a fax arrives: McGann is wanted for kidnapping.  After work, Chris stops in a neighborhood bar for a drink and encounters Rachel Wringer – who foolishly tells him one of her odd fantasies – of embezzling funds. 






In Morocco, the Six meet with Agent Chen to hear more about their case.  McGann has disappeared. In San Francisco, Christopher Davis attends a lecture on crime and punishment.


DOCUMENTARY: Religion – Major religions of the world.






a)The Six meet the next challenge:  a kind of treasure hunt, in Casablanca

Mrs Hamilton chats with a fellow student at a New York language school, finding out about his interests. Christopher and Sheila Davis see an ad for a rock concert, which offers information on ordering tickets.






Cher opens a savings account at a San Francisco bank, then goes back to work at WW-TV, where Rachel Wringer is a poor worker – in fact, under stress, she has a nervous breakdown. Reggie calls Agent Chen for an update on their case. He’s told not to worry; Interpol is developing a plan. Reggie calls Simone from his cell phone and leaves a message.






Cher deals with a sick dog, and teaches the kids the difference between ‘can’ and ‘may’.  The Six are in France.  In Paris, they meet up with Anne, and Phil wins a gourmet cooking contest, by baking his specialty, a chocolate soufflé.


DOCUMENTARY: “Art collecting today” – Paintings, auctions, what people do for art collecting.






In Paris, some of the Six attend a fashion show, while others go to an art auction. The Six rent a mini-van and drive to Monte Carlo.  When they arrive, Claire finds her resolve to control herself, losing no more than ten dollars, doesn’t quite work!






At his annual physical, Mr Big is reminded that steak is not a health food.  Elizabeth’s parents are offered a chance to invest in a new high-tech business that will build household robots.  Marcia tells Phil about her recent activities and future plans.






Crossing the English Channel, the group chats about the past, and a recent e-mail from Marcia. Having arrived in London, the Six join Anne TW and crew on a double-decker bus.  Elizabeth can’t find her wallet – and what’s happened to all of her cash?








At an art gallery, Mrs Hamilton runs into Simone, who is visiting New York for a few days.  Julie and Reggie think about next steps in the drug case; Agent Chen does the same. Mrs Rice tests the robot prototype, Zobot – which isn’t much help around the house after all. At WW-TV, Mr Small greedily pores over the profits from six@sea products continue to pour in.






In London, Phil complains about bad hotel service.  The Six talk politics at a pub. Reggie writes a complaining e-mail to a travel agent. While in London, the Six must make a Beefeater-type guard smile.  They succeed, unaware that it is in fact Angelo Fixx who has accomplished the task.  Meanwhile, Kiki has developed a rather annoying British accent.






Anne Taylor Wright reviews the story to date, then greets the Six, when they arrive in Ireland. They are set to meet McGann and give him his drugs.  Anne suspects something odd is going on. Under the gaze of Interpol, the Six hand over the cocaine to McGann. After blurting out a mention of his partner, he leaves, not realizing that Interpol is following him. A bit later, McGann reflects on what has happened.






Anne interviews Gary and Reggie about their ‘lucky find’, a four-leafed shamrock, as challenged to do by WW-TV. On his own, Phil meets up with an old girlfriend, now a Dublin tour guide. The pair run into a pro-environment demonstration, leading to a short discussion of globalization. Cher has a rough day at the office.  Mr Rice meets his nephew and his friends, who are all lawyers, for lunch. And Elizabeth, aboard a train in Ireland, reads back what she has written in her diary.






Still in Ireland, Gary and Claire visit  a friend of Gary’s, whose wife has recently had a baby, and also has a 4-year-old. Fiona (the wife) and Claire get acquainted and talk about women’s issues.


DOCUMENTARY: “Portrait of Ireland”.






As the Six cross the Atlantic, they wonder whether McGann will seek any revenge.  They also talk about the newspapers and magazines they miss reading ‘for real’, and not via the Internet.  Some of the Six have an unexplained skin condition – a bad itch. Meanwhile, McGann unwittingly sells the drugs to Sergei, the Russian Interpol agent, unaware that the transaction is being secretly videotaped by Agent Chen. In San Francisco, Rachel Wringer lurks outside WW-TV, muttering about how her luck is about to change.






After Elizabeth has a bad nightmare, the group talks, late at night, about ESP, horoscopes, dreams, etc.  The following day, the Six must sail through a terrible storm. The Sea-ker’s main mast breaks, but they are close enough to the U.S. to make it.  They head for Boston.  In San Francisco,  Cher uses a dating agency, and meets a handsome but pompous-seeming doctor named Benjamin Bloomberg. The day after her less than successful date, Cher sprains her ankle.  The same doctor treats her and this time he seems a lot nicer; they agree to go out again.






Dr Ben and Cher’s second date goes much better.  They really hit it off, this time. Phil reads an e-mail from Marcia, whose plans to open a business are going well. Cher tells Claire about her new man, who in turn tells Anne TW about Cher.  Kiki now has the mysterious ‘itch’.


DOCUMENTARY: Popular Culture.






Anne TW covers a sports story which may involve a crime – an athlete named Lou Heddersly has been accused of using a banned drug.  On the Sea-ker, food is going bad, as the boat nears the U.S. There’s a minor tiff between Julie and Elizabeth, in which Kiki gets involved. Luckily, it doesn’t amount to much, because there’s work to do – things need cleaning, and fixing.  On the Sea-ker, now docked in Boston, Anne TW hears the story of how Kiki was bitten by a lobster.






Simone and Anne TW have flown in on the same cross-country flight -  Simone to meet with Reggie, Anne to cover the ongoing story of the six@sea.  Their flight encountered severe turbulence, as Simone tells Reggie and Elizabeth. Mr Big has set a fairly easy challenge – the Six must win a sailing race.  Anne provides “play by play” coverage. Dan Dimmer Light continues to cover the sports scandal; Reggie tells Julie what’s new in their own drugs case.






Christopher Davis must get his car repaired.  He and Sheila then go for a drive, encountering a few obstacles.  Anne TW wraps up the drugs scandal story.  Aboard the Sea-ker, the refrigerator is leaking badly.  Phil brags about his plumbing ability, before getting down to fixing it.


DOCUMENTARY: Natural Water Disasters.






Anne informs viewers that the Sea-ker is en route south from Boston.  It must be back in San Francisco within a month.  En route, Gary goes scuba diving near Bermuda and gets water in his ears, causing him to have hearing problems and see a doctor. Entering the ‘Bermuda Triangle’, the Sea-ker suddenly loses all communication.  Fans around the world are worried – although one – Linda Gifford – seems unconcerned.  In a news bulletin, Anne lists several theories about their situation.  Elizabeth’s parents discuss their loss of money on the robot venture. Mr Rice wants to invest in a new biotechnology deal, but Mrs Rice is skeptical.






The Sea-ker has regained communication; no one knows exactly what happened.  Kiki blurts out word of the drug scenario to Anne, who is shocked, though she had suspected something was up.  She tells Mr Big the Six are fine, but not about what she has learned. Aboard the Sea-ker, Claire tells Reggie she is disappointed that she has never been the heroine in one of the challenges.  As the boat nears the Bahamas, the Six spot a fabulous yacht.  Elizabeth knows the wealthy owner, Slim Simmons – a Canadian computer business tycoon - and his daughter Sissy.








At a party aboard the luxury yacht, Gary is observed flirting with the hostess.  Claire claims not to be jealous; Julie wonders aloud whether she herself is; she rather likes Gary now that she knows him better!  Before leaving San Francisco for the Bahamas, Anne tells Mr Big what she knows about the drugs scenario.  Mr Big is aware of McGann [having been told a bit about him by Angelo Fixx] but has no idea who McGann is working with or for. Chris visits Mr Big and tells him that McGann has telephoned a public phone at WW-TV.  Was he looking for information about the Sea-ker’s whereabouts or is he possibly working with or for someone at WW-TV? Meanwhile, Anne has arrived in the Bahamas in time to see the Six catch a huge fish, meeting their challenge.  Julie and Phil discuss the fact that the Sea-ker is going to have to hurry to get back to San Francisco in time to beat the deadline; it seems Reggie made some kind of miscalculation with the calendar. In an e-mail to her mother, Claire reveals that she is unsure what she wants – career, and/or marriage and motherhood?   In San Francisco, Chris and Agent Chen ponder suspects, including Rachel Wringer and the unidentified woman who sent WW-TV a hate video.  They question McGann, who again reveals nothing.  He still has not led them to his partner. McGann, thinking aloud alone, reveals that his partner is getting anxious about getting his money; he has even threatened to kill McGann.  Yet McGann cannot transfer the money; the cops are watching his every move.  The next day, in the Bahamas, the Sea-ker is leaving port when McGann arrives and pulls a gun on the Six.  He’s furious with Reggie for putting the police onto him, and tells the Six that one of them is going to have to come with him!






Anne TW reviews the story so far.  Meanwhile, in the Bahamas, McGann is holding the Six at gunpoint.  He blames Reggie for his police troubles. But, after a scuffle, he is overpowered.  In the confusion, Gary falls overboard, but is saved by Claire – who has proven herself a heroine at last (she is still afraid of the water, after her experience with a shark!).  When Reggie tells McGann he shouldn’t be too confident in himself; he’s only a small criminal, Mc Gann unwittingly blurts out a reference to Mr Small at WW-TV [his boss in the cocaine deal].  He leaves, muttering about how much the police know, or knew…and wondering what he has just revealed.  In San Francisco, Chris Gifford questions Linda Gifford about the hate video she once sent to WW-TV.  Chris realizes she didn’t really mean any harm; she should not be considered a suspect in the drug case. 






Sergei has rushed to the Sea-ker to hear about what happened with McGann.  It seems McGann has been using false passports.  The Six are skeptical that Mr Small could be involved.  After Sergei leaves, there’s a brief discussion, en route to Costa Rica, about various regions, including rain forests. A documentary explores the medical potential of rain forest plants.  In San Francisco, Anne TW presents a news item about a ‘green’ protest against rainforest destruction, leading to an interview with local doctor Ben Bloomberg, who is doing research on the medicinal value of rain forest plants.


DOCUMENTARY: Rainforests – In Central and South America.






As Marcia attempts some home improvements, she gets an unexpected visit from Mr Big. After he leaves, she gets some help from an inept handyman.  She tells Phil about it in an e-mail.  Meanwhile, Phil writes to her from Costa Rica, describing an amusing scene with Kiki. Reggie describes an e-mail he has received from Simone, in which Simone says he wants to buy into Reggie’s business. In Costa Rica, the Six must meet their next challenge:  to spell out a message in semaphore, using flags.






The agents and Chris finally close in on Small and McGann; Mr Big tells Anne the news that Small is under arrest. Cindy Small visits her husband and McGann in jail and learns her diamond is a fake.  Anne tells the Six about Small. Mr Big tells Anne that it wasn’t only the drug deal McGann was involved in.  It seems he has also been embezzling funds from WW-TV; no wonder he was so concerned about the six@sea product profits.






The Sea-ker is completely becalmed and there’s genuine worry about whether they’ll make it back in time.  While they wait for a wind to come up, the Six do some cleaning and repairs. Phil reads from a book. The Six talk about how each has changed during the trip. As for their return, they’ve agreed that if they do manage to win the Sea-ker, Reggie will take responsibility for the boat and the others will use it from time to time; they don’t want to sell it since it means a lot to them.  Phil tells the Six he’s been secretly writing a cookbook, which he hopes to sell.  Claire says she intends to return to her job as a medical secretary in the inner-city, though Julie suggests she and Gary consider opening a business.


DOCUMENTARY: Inner city problems.






Marcia tells Bob Big about the success of her new business – financed thanks to one of his contacts.  It’s a make-up and perfume shop. Gary teaches Elizabeth a little bit about the workings of the Sea-ker; Chris and Sergei discuss an award they are due to receive for their excellent detective work. Chris reflects on a previous award, which he received in recognition of work rescuing a New York man who ‘intended’ to commit suicide. Gary tells Phil that he intends to propose marriage to Claire, though he is a bit hesitant about actually doing it.  After some convincing from Phil,Gary finds his nerve to go ahead with a proposal, though he swears Phil to secrecy.  When Gary pops the question, Claire says yes.  Unbeknownst to them, Julie has witnessed the scene. 






Cher and Anne report on the growing excitement about the Sea-ker’s return.  But the boat has been delayed.  Meanwhile, Rachel Wringer, now a newspaper reporter, has come aboard the Sea-ker, where she is frustrated in her attempts to gain a ‘scoop’. In San Francisco, Reggie’s parents have trouble with the modern gadgets in his house.  Aboard the Sea-ker, Phil anticipates San Francisco’s fabulous ethnic food, leading into the documentary about ethnic restaurants and foods in San Francisco.


DOCUMENTARY: Ethnic Foods (San Francisco)






Rachel reads back her rather lackluster story; the Six excitedly approach San Francisco and arrive just in time, to great fanfare.  At the boat dock, the Six spot their mystery man, Angelo Fixx, and learn that he has been watching over them on their travels at the behest of Mr Big, who wanted the trip to succeed. Then the Six are whisked to a big TV awards ceremony, where six@sea receives a big prize. The next morning, the Six are summoned to Mr Big’s office to hear a surprise announcement:  there are plans for another series, featuring Reggie Hamilton as the ‘single sailor’ of the Sea-ker. This means the Six are asked to accept a cash prize in lieu of the boat – one hundred thousand dollars each! 






Despite the prize money, Gary wants to get a job, as he tells Claire.  Claire and Elizabeth discuss a movie they’ve both seen. Gary goes to a job interview at a computer company. Julie reads a rather underwhelming article about the Six in the newspaper. WW-TV hosts a big party for the Six, while Mr Small sulks in jail.  Gary and Claire tell the others of the Six about their engagement (which Phil knew about) - but the others had already guessed such an outcome was inevitable!






Gary and Claire prepare for their wedding, as the Six exchange information about their plans.  Phil is opening a restaurant; Elizabeth has been offered a fashion design job in New York City; Julie will be working to protect wildlife and the environment - via her photography - in Australia; Gary and Claire have decided to open a travel agency called “Open Doors”.  Anne briefs WW-TV staff about “The Single Sailor” series, which will star Reggie. Gary and Claire get married, with the Six in attendance.  At the reception following the wedding, Phil tells Reggie about a charity event he is planning, in order to publicize his new restaurant. Gary and Claire’s honeymoon destination is a secret.






At Reggie’s place, the remaining four members of the six@sea are in a reflective mood as they talk about past adventures. Marcia and Phil share a romantic cuddle and talk about surviving their long time apart.  At Marcia and Phil’s, there’s a good-bye party for Reggie, who will soon leave on the Sea-ker again.  The gang give Reggie an elegant new log book to use on his voyage.






Julie and Elizabeth talk about their upcoming plans:  Julie is moving back to Australia and Elizabeth is moving to New York.  Reggie and Kiki set sail together, as “The Single Sailor” series is launched.  To Reggie’s surprise, just as he and Kiki are relaxing into their new voyage, Mr Big contacts the Sea-ker with information about their first challenge.  Reggie is both amused and chagrinned to realize that there will be challenges to meet, noting ironically that ‘there’s always a catch’!





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