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Personaggi ed interpreti


(Small Roles)


Amy (14.2) – Rick Gifford’s 18 year old girlfriend.

Angelo Fixx (13.3) – Mystery man.

Barbara (9.1) – Elizabeth’s rich friend. She is an executive. She owns a big company.

Barry Doors (4.3) – Gary’s brother.

Bill Gifford (1.3) – A 50 year old balding salesman. Married to Linda Gifford.

Cop Joe (25.2) – Mid 40’s, American policeman.

Cop Steve (25.2) –  30’ish American policeman.

Dan Dimmer Light (17.2) – WWTV newscaster and documentary narrator.

Debbie and Arlene (21.1) – Two young American women.

Doctor Bright (24.3) –Female American medical doctor.  40’ish.

Dr Richman (13.2) – Male American medical doctor 50’ish

Dr. Quick (19.3) – Middle aged medical doctor.

Fiona, Gigi, Laura (16.2) – Simone’s clients at the antique car showroom. All rich, “older”

                                              Californian  females.

Franny Ferrari (12.1) – Italian. Owner of an exclusive shop in San Francisco  called

                                         “SGUCCI”.  Very close friends with Simone.

Grazyna Nowak (9.2) – A beautiful and rich polish female executive who meets

Harry Doors (4.3) – Gary’s father.

Jake (17.2) – Cher’s, American colleague.

Jean-Paul (17.3) – French hairdresser.

Jennifer (25.3) – Teenage baby sitter.

Jerome (5.3) – Mr Big’s chaffeur.

Jimmy Lenzer (15.3) – Anne’s Cameraman.

Joe Banks (12.2) – 40ish. Christopher Gifford’s old friend.  A  policeman from Los Angeles.

Joe Mathews (6.3) – Marcia’s father.

Kim (11.2) – Cher’s small daughter.

Lisa (12.3) – Tracy Gifford’s friend from school.

Mark (25.3) – An Asian teenager.  Tracy’s friend from school.

Miguel (12.3) – Tracy Gifford’s friend from school.

Miss Monique LaChaise (12.2) – A fascinating French woman in her early 30’s, with a

    strong French accent. She is Joe Banks’ friend who ends up having an affair with Christopher Davis.

Mr Colmar (17.3) –Julie’s father. Australian.

Mr Lacey (25.2)Sheila Davis’ father.

Mr Penny (24.3) – Pompous and rich, middle-aged, American businessman.  Founder of a

                                national department store chain.

Mr Petros (25.1) – An older Greek man, owner of a language bookshop in Greece.

Mr Wong (15.1) – Chinese guide.

Mrs Colmar (17.3) –Julie’s mother. Australian.

Mrs Small (18.1) – American woman, 40’ish. Mr Small’s wife.

Mrs Wong (15.1) – 50’ish Chinese woman, Mr Wong’s wife.

Mrs. Fox (7.1) – An office worker at the visa office.

Mrs. Mathews (6.3) – Marcia’s mother.

Mrs. Pam Jetson (9.1) – Travel agent.

Ms. Shields (5.3) – Mr. Big’s secretary.

Rex (10.1) – Anne Taylor Wright’s boyfriend. Handsome, but very needy.

Rick Gifford (14.1) – Bill and Linda’s 18 year old son.

Rita (20.2) – 25 years old. Cher’s American colleague who everyone dislikes because she is so lazy!

Sandy (17.2) – Cher’s, American colleague.

Stella Star (14.1) – Delroy  McGann’s babe.

Simone Di Bello (5.2) on an airplane.

Susie (12.3) – Tracy Gifford’s friend from school.

Tamara Falters (15.3) – American Newscaster.

Ted Barnes (17.3) – 30’ish Australian Zoologist. Becomes Julie’s boyfriend.

Tim (11.2) – Cher’s small son.

Tracy Gifford (1.3) – Bill and Linda’s 16 year old daughter.


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